British Churchman Book Review

British Churchman Book Review


British Churchman Book Review by Jonathan Larner of INSIDE THE ROYAL BLACK INSTITUTION

The Royal Black Institution is the senior order and degree system of Orangeism. Whilst for the uninitiated, very little is known about the activities of this order, it presents itself as a respectable Protestant organisation standing for the reformed faith and biblical truth and with a membership comprising many high profile figures in Ulster political and religious life. For the first time in the order’s two hundred year existence this book fully examines the history and practices of the Black Institution (as well as the Independent Orange’s Knights of Malta).

The section on history could constitute a book in itself and presents a fascinating description of the origins of the order. Of greater significance are revelation of details of the Black’s eleven degrees. These are analysed from a biblical perspective with comments made regarding certain aspects of the rituals and ceremonies. Institution rites and rituals are protected by oaths of secrecy taken by initiates which the author as a former member has purposefully and wilfully disregarded and broken to produce this work.

Overall, the thesis of the book is twofold in that it challenges the credibility of the Black Institution as a Protestant body with an evangelical or biblical basis, and challenges the believer in Christ as to whether it is an appropriate organisation to support or affiliate with. This is in keeping with the author’s previous work, Behind Closed Doors (1999) which took a similar look at the Royal Arch Purple degree. For anyone with an interest in Orangeism or fraternal organisations in general, and an open mind, this book makes interesting reading.

Jonathan Larner

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