Christians should prayerfully consider the material outlined

Christians should prayerfully consider the material outlined

Behind Closed Doors by P. Malcolmson

Published by Evangelical Truth, 160 pages.

This publication examines in some detail what the author describes as ‘the hidden structure within the Orange camp’. That is the Royal Arch Purple Order. Although itself, not part of the Orange Order in Ireland, the writer suggests that some 95% of Orangemen also take this degree. The Order is an integral part of the Independent Orange Order and of the Orange Order in other countries.

After a brief and helpful historical introduction, the author spends the bulk of his book examining the initiation ceremony of the Order. His constant comparison of the degrees rituals with Freemasonry, his frequent quotes from evangelical authors, and above all, his testing of all things by the Scripture, mean that the arguments he presents cannot be easily dismissed.

For those for whom secret societies have remained an unintelligible mystery, this book will certainly enlighten them on this particular Order, and through it, the practice of many other such similar societies must inevitably be brought under the spotlight of Scripture.

Mr Malcomson’s concern throughout the book is that those who are presently within the Order and who profess to be Christians should prayerfully consider the material outlined and their membership in the light of it.

Indeed, such is the evidence arrayed in this book and the wholly unbiblical practices that it describes, that members who profess to be Christian must either deny the content of the ritual, refused the writer’s arguments or withdraw from the order.

Rev. Norman W McAuley