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Blue Lodge rituals, degrees and secrets exposed

square and compass

Blue Lodge Freemasonry relates to the first three degrees of Freemasonry. These three initial Blue Lodge degrees, which are extremely elaborate and highly ritualistic in their character, are solemn fearful events for the nervous candidate. They come within the general overall Masonic Lodge degree structure at the bottom of the ladder and are normally worked quite standard throughout the world.

The Blue Lodge degrees, rituals and secrets are here exposed to the public gaze for careful analysis. The following are the ritual initiation ceremonies as practised in the United States, therefore, please note that practices may vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Blue Lodge rituals, degrees format exposed

(1) Entered Apprentice
(2) Fellow Craft
(3) Master Mason

Blue Lodge oaths examined

Entered Apprentice degree

An analysis of the Entered Apprentice degree

The Masonic White Apron

Fellowcraft degree

Master Mason degree

Hiram Abiff - the false christ of Freemasonry


Comparisons between Freemasonry and the Orange Order (When on this page, click on the link within the text of each degree to compare the similarities).

Blue Lodge Masonry compared to Wiccan Witchcraft