Irish Baptist Magazine



(December 1999 Issue)

The author presents the Royal Arch Purple (RAP) as a more or less midway between the Loyal Orange and the Royal Black Institution. In Ireland it is distinct from the Loyal Orange but its degree is taken, the author says, by 95% of Orange members (some 95,000 persons). Elsewhere in the Commonwealth it exists, he maintains, within the Orange Institution and the same is true of the Independent Orange Order, which uses it as its third degree.

The main thesis is that the RAP is essentially a clone of Freemasonry with the same or very similar oaths of secrecy, the same background of ancient mystery religion and the same or similar symbols. He is troubled by the fact that men, some of whom would claim to be evangelical Christians are prepared to enter the order, go through its elaborate and degrading initiation rituals and take its oaths without even knowing the secrets to which they commit themselves.

According to the author the RAP has succeeded in keeping its secrets from outside scrutiny even though other secret societies like Freemasons, have failed to do so. He regards secret societies as an alternative to the ‘body of Christ’ and has done us a real service in bringing many of these secrets to light.

The book is peppered with quotations from the Bible (AV and in bold type). In appendices he calls on Christians who are members of the RAP to repent and resign from the Order. He provides a model letter to show them how to do so.

Paul Malcomson has clearly engaged in careful research into those secrets and, if his information is correct, the exposure of the RAP secrets is a frightening reminder of the extent to which secret societies and their members depart from the truth of God.

(I have no access to an RAP manual against which to check material).

Norman Shield

(Retired Baptist Pastor who for many years was the Principal of the Samuel Bill Theological College in Nigeria. Currently lecturer at the Irish Baptist College and Belfast Bible College)