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Difference doesn't
have to breed bigotry

The following is a response letter by G. Donaghy, Ballymoney in the Irish New to an letter written by Paul Malcomson on 08/07/2004

Paul Malcomson (July 8) writes that the Catholic Church and Orange Order have both been blighted by bigotry. I agree that some people’s religious zeal disguises a loathing of any alternative creed. However, I would question what makes Paul think evangelicals are immune? Surely it is, at least, a possibility some in the evangelical faith communities are as prone to bigotry as anyone else.

Paul is right to assert that Protestant and Catholic can legitimately consider each other’s doctrines errant without being bigoted. Since the Church affirms salvation through Christ and not itself the differences are not as great as he implies but they do exist. Exaggerating or falsely representing the differences between – or doctrines of – faith communities is indeed bigoted. Up to that point there may be legitimate disagreement which freedom of religious and conscience permits and promotes.

G. Donaghy, Ballymoney

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