Local author braced for controversy over book on Royal Black institution

Local author braced for controversy over book on Royal Black institution

Lisburn Star

18th September 

A Dromore author has claimed his new book will reveal the secrets of the Royal Black institution for the first time in over 200 years. Entitled Inside the Royal Black institution, Paul Malcomson’s book tells not only the history of the institution but also reveals the initiation rites, which he says have until now remained a closely guarded secret.

The book has been 17 years in the making, since the author left the institution. “When I was 18, I went through the Orange, Arch Purple and the Black explained Paul, who is currently working as a missionary on the Indian reservation in America.

He says he reached the highest degree in the Royal Black – the Red Cross degree – and also received the Grand Black Charge, before resigning from the Loyal Orders on biblical grounds. “I was in it for seven years and then became a Christian. I started questioning a lot of things I had went through and ended up leaving.”

Paul says, his book gives a detailed analysis of the Royal Black Institution from a biblical perspective, and he acknowledges his work will be viewed as controversial, with members of the Institution being sworn to secrecy about the inner workings of the Order.

“It has been 212 years since the Royal Black Institution was formed and this is the first time the secrets have been revealed,” he claimed. “I have no doubt there will be a negative reaction from some quarters. However, my motive is primarily that the veil of ignorance is removed, so that if people decide to join, they go in with their eyes open.

“It will be shocking for many people, and it has been described as an explosive book. I am not doing it for money or to be popular. I have a strong faith and I believe it is something God has put upon my heart,” he added.