“Protestant” Knights of Malta

“Protestant” Knights of Malta


Whilst most people are familiar with the existence of the Royal Black Institution, few know anything about its two sister Black-orders (1) the “Protestant” ‘Knights of Malta’, and (2) the ‘Royal Britannic Association’ (which is now extinct). The “Protestant” Knights of Malta seems to have arisen in Scotland in the mid-1830s where its influence was mainly contained, although it did make some slight in-roads into Ulster and the North of England in the 1840s. It then took upon itself the ostentatious title of ‘Ancient and Illustrious Order of Knights of Malta’ or ‘Knight Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem’. Even though its influence has always been small in Ireland it was given a breath of life in the early 20th century with the formation of the Independent Orange. It was taken under the wing of the Independents and became the senior order of the institution in much the same way the Black relates to the Orange Order.

The now obsolete Royal Britannic Association was also known by several differing terms including the ‘Grand Britannic Association’ and the more elegant ‘Royal Britannic Association of Knights of Israel’. This sister organisation was greatly debilitated by the fact that it was very small from its beginning and its influence was largely restricted to just a few areas in England.

Like every other secret movement through the decades, there have been various wheels within wheels inside these Black associations, with many schisms and offshoots, most of which mushroomed up and then disappeared as quickly as they arose.

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The “Protestant” Knights of Malta and the Royal Britannic Association had ruling Grand Chapters. The Knights of Malta governing authority described itself as ‘The Imperial Parent Grand Encampment of the Universe’. Its subordinate national Grand Chapters are known as Grand Priories. Its national authorities employ varying indigenous, and certainly imperious, terms like ‘Supreme Grand Encampment of Ireland’ and ‘Supreme Grand Commandery of the Continent of America’. The Knights of Malta refer to its leader as the ‘Imperial Grand Master of the Imperial Parent Grand Encampment of the Universe’. The now defunct Royal Britannic Association had a Grand Black Chapter and entitled its head simply as ‘Grand Master’.

With the Royal Britannic Association defunct, the Knights of Malta are now heading down a similar path with only a small number of Independent Orangemen joining its senior order. Indeed, it is doubtful if it has a hundred active members in the whole of Ireland. A break-away from the “Protestant” Knights of Malta exists in Scotland today – although it is small and has no direct link with the Orange Order or the Independent Orange Order.

The “Protestant” Knights of Malta actually labels its local gatherings “Encampments” rather than Preceptories. The name ‘Encampment’, like so much within the Black family, has been acquired from the Masonic Knights Templar.

The Knights of Malta refer to their members as ‘Companions’. And any old documents relating to the Royal Britannic Association entitled its members to the designation ‘Sir’. These names normally prefix the members’ name in an official setting.

The Irish Knights of Malta is the next step of advancement from the Independent Orange Institution. In fact, in Ireland one can only progress to the Knights of Malta via this organisation. This so-called Protestant Order developed from the papist Scottish Knights of Malta, which in turn has its origins in the papal inspired crusades of the dark ages as the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem. Today it shares many of the same heathenish practises as Templarism worldwide.



The “Protestant” Knights of Malta released a remarkable report to its members on 11th April 1850, the conclusion of this document is very revealing, containing some extraordinarily statements. It sums up, in a nutshell, what we have discovered in our research and confirms the thinking that lies behind the outward “Protestant” veneer of the different Black associations.

It boasted: “Let us prize this inestimable Order, for it stands alone in the universe as a point within a circle. Every institution which is solely human is either satellite to each or centre to something else; a defined place in some system is appointed to each in obedience to the universal law which causes earth to gravitate to earth; but this Order descended amid signs and wonders which made nature and man tremble. Above other Orders it sits enthroned – kingly, solitary, mystical – an emanation from the Infinite Mind, which aspiring mortals seek to comprehend.”

The Knights of Malta here laud their religious credentials to a superior place far above every other religious institution, including the Church of Jesus Christ. The Order presents itself as a clear rival to the true Church with such overweening descriptions and extravagant boasts. This is something that is common to these Black societies – the attempt to put the divine stamp upon their heretical beliefs and occultic practices.

The document continues: “It [the “Protestant” Black Knights of Malta] communicates knowledge which unlocks the arcane of the elder world, and unveils the secrets of thousands of years. Its hand points from eternity to eternity, and, by its light, the primeval ages appear as if in an enchanted sleep; but the Master’s knock unbars knowledge, which raises the shadowy forms from the mists of antiquity. It brings a Pythagoras, a Plato, and a Socrates, into brotherhood with a Moses, a Daniel, and a John, each professing his peculiar belief in the doctrines of the adorable Trinity, the resurrection of the dead, and rewards and punishments. Thus our Order holds in its tenacious grasp events of great importance, and knowledge, that is calculated to make the wise wiser; it clothes them with vitality, and demonstrates itself to be the very incarnation of history and religion.”

No wonder the Black Orders hide such documents from the outside world. This is utterly incredible. It is astonishing that an Institution professing the Protestant faith should attempt to unite the great men of Scripture like Moses, Daniel and John with the Greek heathen philosophers Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates. To associate these men of God with such infidels is shocking, but to attempt to unify them and their beliefs powerfully exposes the true nature and thinking that secretly exists within the Black family. This is exactly what Christian Mysticism is. It is the gelling together of Scripture with the heathen philosophies of man, all resulting in a mongrel religion that is half-heathen and half-Christian.

In the light of the information before us it is difficult to see how the Black Knights of both the Royal Black Institution and the Independent Orange’s Knights of Malta could seriously argue that their respective bodies are truly Protestant let alone biblical. They are clearly neither. Their very nature, activities and ideology runs contrary to all the main principles of the Reformed Faith. Their whole ethos and source of beliefs emanates from paganism rather than the purity of the Word of God. By locating itself within the Protestant camp, these Black bodies have (1) given themselves a credibility they should not have, (2) provided themselves with an important target group, and (3) acquired themselves a respectable cloak to hide behind.

We have graphically seen how the Black is an elaborate religious counterfeit which has more in common with the secret Occult associations throughout the world (and through the centuries) than with the people of God since the beginning of time. Their practices are an anathema to God and bring shame upon the Protestant name and its principles. Unquestionably, it should be opposed and exposed by the true Church, who must warn the uninformed Protestant to shun its baleful influence.

Paul aptly exposed the schemes of the arch-enemy Satan when he charged the devil’s agent Elymas the sorcerer in Acts 13:10: “O full of all subtilty and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord?” This is an indictment that could equally be applied to the subject in hand. Satan has not changed. Whilst he wraps modern idolatry with different packaging the same innate evil exists behind the exterior.

The devil always seeks to operate in the darkness. This is true to his nature and these are his ways. It is in the secret place that he performs some of the vilest acts that this earth has ever witnessed. It is in the dark, where evil is protected from the eyes of the non-initiated, that he operates in a protected environment. Most outsiders are ignorant of the abominations performed within the Black and are taken in by its outward image. The exposure of the forms and traditions of the Black allows men to see the depth of the deception involved in this Jesuitical institution.

The Lord rebukes such hidden practices in Jeremiah 23:24 saying, “Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD.”

The “Protestant” Knights of Malta in essence are a product of a mystical form of Roman Catholicism and occult practice.

Christians should therefore separate themselves from the Independent Orange Order that – that have this Order as their senior body.