A biblical analysis of the Royal Arch Purple degree

A biblical analysis of the Royal Arch Purple degree

Orange Poster


red_dot  The source of the degree
red_dot  The binding of the candidate
red_dot  Properly Prepared
red_dot  A hostile reception
red_dot  The Five Points of Fellowship
red_dot  Riding the goat
red_dot  The Orange Order Blood Curdling Penalties
red_dot  Mystical enlightenment
red_dot  A false hope
red_dot  Symbolism


    1. What should a Royal Arch Purple man do?
    2. Unsaved reader
    3. Specimen Resignation Letter
    4. Wiccan Witchcraft revealed and compared to Freemasonry.
    5. The Royal Arch Purple compared to Freemasonry 
    6. The Mormon link
    7. Largest Grand lodge opinion poll on Arch Purple degree

For further information on the the Royal Arch Purple degree, its teachings, practices and symbols, purchase Behind Closed Doors (see why this explosive book has caused hundreds of members to resign from this neo-Masonic structure).