Reformed Presbyterian


Magazine of the Reformed Presbyterian Churches of Scotland and Ireland

(October 1999 Issue)


“Recently two publications from different sources have come to our attention, both dealing with subjects on which the Reformed Presbyterian Church hold distinctive positions. Both will repay study.”

Book 1 ‘The Worship of God’ by Malcolm H. Watts and David Silverside

Book 2 ‘Behind Closed Doors’ by W.P. Malcomson.

Behind Closed Doors by W.P. Malcomson

“This book provides an evangelical assessment of what the author terms “the hidden structure within the Orange camp”, namely the Royal Arch Purple Order. Although separate from the Orange Order in Ireland, (but not in other countries, nor from the Independent Orange institution), it is reckoned that around 95% of Orangemen also take the RAP degree. The RAP is an oath-bound secret society which claims to support the Protestant faith. As Malcomson shows in great detail, however, much of its ritual and practices are derived from Freemasonry and ultimately from paganism. In many respects it presents a counterfeit gospel and all through the book the author is careful to set out the truths of Scripture which the RAP so blatantly contradicts. The examination is thoroughly carried out and Malcomson’s concern is both that believers would come out of the RAPO and that the unsaved would turn to Christ for salvation. Only one question remains : why would any true Christian want to be a member of such a body?”

Editor – Rev. Prof. W.D.J. McKay, B.A.,B.D.,M.Th.,Ph.D.