7th Gold Crown Degree biblically examined


Becoming a Prince

In the 7th Gold Crown Degree the Blackman is impressively instructed at the start of this degree:

“Why do you wear that emblem?
What emblem?
That gold crown?
Because I am a Prince.
Why do Princes wear crowns of gold?
As gold is the purest of metal so should all Royal Goldmen be the purest of men.”

This is another significant conferment on the Blackman’s journey. Having attained the Gold Crown degree, the candidate is informed that he is now a Prince. By any standard such an accomplishment is prestigious. The evidence of becoming such and the reward for getting here is that he is now qualified to wear a gold crown. It is obvious from the instruction involved in this grade that attaining the 7th degree of the Black is represented as the member’s sanction for being a Prince. This is strange to say the least.

The titles which the Black Knights hand out are of such an elevated nature that one might almost marvel at their grandeur and character. This is just one of many grand designations and positions the initiate accumulates on his travels, but this is a very peculiar bestowal. After all, a Blackman cannot seriously be viewed as a real Prince – either in a natural or a spiritual sense – on the grounds he has obtained a certain Black degree. There is therefore absolutely no warrant for this secret order conferring such a title upon its members. Plainly, the candidate becomes a pretend Prince operating under an imaginary promise. The thinking behind this is difficult to comprehend. It is not just that he is deemed a Prince and that this qualifies him to wear a gold crown, but the candidate is further informed that all Royal Goldmen carry authority. Every Gold Crown Blackman is informed:

“the crowns that we wear in authority would in time become crowns of peace.”

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What is this particular authority that is being described? The intimation in this lesson is that attaining this degree ensures that the Blackman enjoys real princely power, but what power? Is the Black suggesting spiritual authority? It seems from the wording of this degree that it is some form of spiritual power. It appears that every step within these secret orders is intended to increase his spiritual stature. This certainly runs contrary to the commands of God. In fact, nothing could be more divergent from the teaching of Scripture. Spiritual growth is not depicted as progressing through a number of man-made extra-biblical secret dramas, but rather is as a result of submitting to God’s demands and in engaging in a holy life lived before God and men.

The fact that Blackmen are told that their current gold crowns will “become crowns of peace” seems to witness to the intended spiritual application of this teaching. The lecturers inform these newly-crowned princes that “As gold is the purest of metal so should all Royal Goldmen be the purest of men.” These ‘favoured brethren’ are expected to stand out as men in their purity, yet there is no explanation how that comes about. The scriptural standards or demands that are applied to all Christians without fear or favour are never articulated to these Royal Goldmen.

This instruction again graphically illustrates the assiduous efforts the Black commits to elevating the status of its members above all others. It is constantly ascribing the most self-aggrandizing and fantastic of titles to its recruits, despite the fact all of them are imaginary conferrals. As every degree is secured additional offices or positions are supposedly achieved, thus burdening the candidate down with a litany of fictitious designations. The whole journey the Blackman traverses is one elaborate ongoing religious delusion. In every part of the journey he is sold counterfeit goods that carry no genuine value. It is difficult to think that any sensible grown man (never mind believer) could take these offers seriously. Manifestly, the titles are entirely conjured and illegitimate.

The biblical justification the Black purportedly employs for its teaching is presented in the initiation as Joshua chapter 22. The candidate is said to represent one of the ten princes whom Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest took with him to resolve the dispute with the tribe of Reuben, the tribe of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh. The Black teaches:

“The ten princes that went with Phinehas dressed in white robes trimmed with gold to settle a dispute between their brethren and the two tribes and a half.”

The Black Knights advance this explanation as a true biblical account of the apparel the princes of Israel wore when they attempted to resolve a dispute with their brethren. However, a careful study of Joshua chapter 22 shows that the dress-wear ascribed to these princes by the Black is unknown to Scripture. This seems to be a typical secret society digression from the truth – obviously invented to reinforce the hidden activities contained with the degrees. There is absolutely no record in the story that the rulers dressed in “white robes” or that these were “trimmed with gold.” As is normal, the internal Black catechism adds to the scriptural account without the least apprehension.

The Royal Black adds to the biblical narrative and tailors the teaching of Scripture to suit its secret theology. What is more, the authority these ancient princes enjoyed is in turn assigned to the 7th grade Black brethren during the ceremony. Just as the Old Testament rulers held elevated positions in natural Israel in former days, Gold Crown Blackmen are presented as choice examples in the Israel of God today.

Near the end of the initiation the brethren undergoing this degree are illustriously deemed: “the Knights of Gold or High Princely Order.” Finally, the great and grand password of the order is identified as: “The-Lord-God-of-God’s, the-Lord-God-of-God’s-he-knoweth!”

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