Doctrinal Statement

  • We maintain an immovable allegiance to the inerrant, infallible and verbally inspired Word of God – the Bible.
  • We believe that whatever the Bible says is so.
  • We judge all things by the Bible and only by the Bible.
  • We affirm the foundational truths of the historical Christian faith: – The doctrine of the Trinity, The incarnation, virgin birth, substitutionary atonement, bodily resurrection and glorious ascension, and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The new birth through regeneration by the Holy Spirit, The resurrection of the saints to life eternal. The resurrection of the ungodly to final judgment and eternal death. The fellowship of the saints, who are the body of Christ.
  • We practice fidelity to that faith and endeavour to preach it to every creature.
  • We expose and separate from all ecclesiastical denial of that faith, compromises with error, and apostasy from the truth.
  • We earnestly contend for the faith once delivered.