Freemasonry’s degrees exposed

Although many people are aware of the existence of Freemasonry, little is known about the actual secrets, teaching and rituals of the Lodge. We are therefore excited to take an enlightening journey behind closed doors to expose that which has been concealed for years. We will let the teaching speaking for itself and expose the hidden meaning behind the cryptic Freemasonry teaching.

Blue Lodge (Craft degrees)

Entered Apprentice exposed and analyzed
Fellow Craft exposed
Master Mason exposed and analyzed

Red Lodge (York Rite)

Mark Master degree (Irish working) – exposed and analyzed
Royal Arch degree – analyzed
The Holy Order of High Priesthood degree analyzed

Higher Degrees

Knights Templar Degree analyzed
Prince of Mercy degree analyzed

Womens Freemasonry

Eastern Star rituals degrees and secrets exposed
Order of the Eastern Star
What does FATAL mean in the eastern star?

Lodges Examined by the Bible by John R. Rice

Loyal Order degree exposed (in full)

Orange Order degrees
Royal Arch Purple degree
Royal Black Institution degrees

We recommend The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge by John Ankerberg and John Weldon