Gold Crown Degree



Why do you wear that emblem?

What emblem?

That gold crown?

Because I am a Prince.

Why do Princes wear crowns of gold?

As gold is the purest of metal so should all Royal Goldmen be the purest of men.

Where are you from?

The land of Canaan.

Where are you going?

To the other side of Jordan.

What to do there?

Settle a dispute.

How do you intend to get there?

By the benefit of a password

Have you that password?

I have.

Will you give it to me?

I will, if you begin.


Why do you take Phinehas for your password?

Because he was the son of the reigning High Priest and went with the princes to settle the dispute.

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Have you a number?

I have.

What is your number?


What ten?

The ten princes that went with Phinehas dressed in white robes trimmed with gold to settle a dispute between their brethren and the two tribes and a half.

Did they settle it?

They did.

How did they settle it?

By the word Ed.

How did they settle it by the word Ed?

Because it was raised up as a witness between them.

Have you the great and grand password of The Knights of Gold or High Princely Order?

I have.

Will you give it to me?

I did not so obtain it neither will I give it but finding you to be a brother I will word or divide it with you.

Word it and begin.

No begin you.

The – Lord – God – of – God’s, the – Lord – God – of – God’s, he knoweth!


The emblem worn for this degree is the gold crown signifying the authority of the princes or rulers who where in command of the twelve tribes in the Land of Canaan. The circumstances connected with this degree very forcibly teach us the lesson of charity. By the uncharitabilness of a hasty judgement the tribe of Reuben, the tribe of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh where condemned by their brethren with out one particle of evidence being produced save the alter that was built afar off which caused such a sensation in the land of Shiloh. The ambassadors discovered that the alter was built as a memorial and that their brethren were true Israelites loyal to the commonwealth both in a political and a religious sense. Never was there a happier issue to a religious controversy charity tempered the zeal of the complainants meekness the integrity of the defendants. So the princes returned in peace to the Promised Land realising the meaning of the altar that was set up at Jordan westward and as the Lord God of Gods knoweth we should always here before we judge. By so doing many quarrels and disputes may be avoided and the crowns that we wear in authority would in time become crowns of peace.

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