Gold Star and Garter Degree



Why do you wear that emblem?

What emblem?

That Gold Star?

Because I am a Priest.

Of what order?

Of the Order of Melchisedec.

And of what tribe?

Of the Tribe of Levi.

Why stand thou thus?

Because I stand on prying ground.

Why standest thou on prying ground?

Because I am of the High Priestly Order.

Have you a sign?

Yes, and also a signet.

What is your signet?

Holiness to the Lord.

Why do you take Holiness to the Lord for your signet?

Because it was engraved on the front of Aarrons mitre.

Have you the password of the Knights of the Gold Star?

I have.

Will you give it to me?

I will if you begin.


Why do you take Ele-eezer for your password?

Because he succeeded Aaron in the priesthood.

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Have you a number?

I have.

What is your number?


Why do you take but one for your number?

Because there was but one reigning High Priest who held office at the same time.

Why do you wear that golden garter?

Because Aaron wore the golden bells.

Where did Aaron wear the golden bells?

Around the hem of his garment.

Why did he wear them round the hem of his garment?

So that the true sound of the Law might be heard throughout the whole sanctuary.

Have you the great and grand password of the Knights of the Gold Star and Garter or the High Priestly Order?

I have.

Will you give it to me?

I did not so obtain it neither will I give it but finding you to be a brother I will word or divide it with you.

Word it and begin.

No begin you.


Why do you take the-Tribe-of-Judah for your great and grand password and you of the tribe of Levi?

Because from thence The Lion sprang that prevailed.


The emblems worn for this degree are the gold star, the garter and the lion. The gold star with its seven points is a symbol of perfection; it was qualified in the Order of Melchisedec. It had its origins before Aaron’s priesthood and its fulfilment in the ascension of our Lord. It was ordained to typify the incomprehensible dignity and unchangeable duration of Jesus Christ of whom God took an oath that he should be made forever a High Priest after the Order of Melchisedec. The garter is a distinguished badge of an honourable order. And to us has this significance that where the law did abound grace doth much more abound. The lion is symbolic of The Tribe of Judah because it was the most numerous and most powerful of all the tribes. It occupied the most fertile land in Canaan. From it God chose Kings to rule and govern his people and in all matters pertaining to the well being of Israel the Tribe of Judah took precedence, hence the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ who alone was found worthy to open the seven seals, who is the author of peace prosperity and salvation takes precedence on heaven and on earth to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess.

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