Independent Orange Order

Independent Loyal Orange Institution

The Independent Loyal Orange Institution is a Protestant fraternal organisation based in Northern Ireland. The Independent Orange is highly-ritualistic in its practices. It is a small secret society that broke away from the larger mother Lodge at the beginning of the 20th century. It was formed in Ireland in 1903 by Tom Sloan and others associated with the Belfast Protestant Association, who had been expelled from the Orange Order when they voiced opposition to it linkage to the Ulster Unionist Party and it being used for party political ends by that same party. It was originally associated with the labour movement, but it soon realigned itself with traditional unionist politics.

In recent years, it has largely become the Orange face of the Free Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland. Whilst it claims to be more evangelical than the larger parent order, it is in reality more Masonic and ritualistic in its practices and structure than the regular Orange. Gauging by numbers on the march at its recent demonstrations, there can be little doubt the Independent Loyal Orange Institution is an organization in swift terminal decline. It is struggling a lot more than the regular Orange Order to attract new members. Whilst it has publicly boasted for years that it has 2000 members, its membership has fallen to a paltry couple of hundred members today. Some lodges could only muster 5 men to walk behind the banner at the latest 12th parade. This is unprecedented and historic collapse! What is more, with only 20 Independent Loyal Orange lodges walking, you can see the dire condition of this secret body.

Evangelical opposition to Independent Loyal Orange Institution

It is ironic, for a secret fraternity that claims to be more evangelical than the Orange Order, that it employs the highly degrading neo-Masonic Royal Arch Purple degree as an integral part of its Order. This is a ritual that humiliates its candidates by semi-stripping them, blindfolding them, causing them under duress to undergo a harrowing travel, and finishes with binding its recruits under threat of death not to divulge any of its teaching, secrets or practices to non-members. Nothing could be more contrary to Christian practice. The Masonic teaching and legends that attend the ritual make it an anathema to biblical Christianity. If the activities of this clandestine body were truly Christian, Protestant or biblical, why are its members forbidden (under threat of death) from sharing its “truths” and practices with others? The Independent Loyal Orange Institution knows if outsiders discovered what went on behind closed doors it would be strongly renounced from the pulpits of our land as apostate and shunned among all true believers.

Independent Orange Order fighting for its very survival

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Independent Loyal Orange Institution’s degrees

The layout of the Independent Orange Institution degree system is outlined in the Independent Loyal Orange Institution ‘candidate instruction’ booklet which states: “There are three degrees in the Institution, the first being the Orange…Upon receipt of the Plain Purple degree a member is entitled to hold office in his Private Lodge and to attend the meetings of District. The Royal Arch Purple degree is the longest and most detailed degree. A member who receives this degree can attend County and Imperial Grand Lodge meetings.” This degree, worked within the Independent Orange, is in essence the same as that employed by the Royal Arch Purple Chapter, although like any distinct organisation it has some slight differences.

Independent Loyal Orange Institution (3 degrees)

1st degree: Orange degree
2nd degree: Plain (or Small) Purple degree
3rd degree: Royal Arch Purple degree

Independent Orange Knights of Malta

The senior Order of the Independent Orange Institution is (amazingly) the Knights of Malta. These Black Knights take their name and inspiration from the secretive ritualistic Papal Roman Catholic Knights of Malta Order. These secretive Independent Orangemen are careful to conceal their Romish links and practices from the evangelical family for fear of scandal, opposition and renunciation. Members of this “Protestant” off-shoot of the mother Knights of Malta Order are understandably extremely sheepish and uncomfortable to talk about the origins and rituals of the Order. The reason is: the roots, symbolism, structure and ceremonies of the Knights of Malta originate in, and are heavily influenced by, the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order. It is amazing that the overwhelmingly Free Presbyterian Independent Orange would have this highly-secretive Roman Catholic Knights of Malta as its senior Order. For this reason the Independent Orange scrupulously conceal its linkage with this Jesuit Order. It most prominent leader in recent years was the late George Dawson (MLA). The leading member of this Order today is Mr Mervyn Storey (MLA). All members of the Knights of Malta must have risen to the neo-Masonic Royal Arch Purple degree in the Independent Orange Order to be qualified for membership.

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Drunkenness and anti-social behaviour in Independent Orange


The Independent Loyal Orange Institution, like the senior Orange Order, has experienced great problems in recent years with the matter of drunkenness and anti-social behaviour among its members. And although this problem has existed for years in its lodges in England and Scotland it is now creeping into the Independents in Northern Ireland (East Antrim is a case-in-point). The problem of drunkenness in the Independent Loyal Orange Institution coincided with the widescale recruitment of paramilitary elements in the aforementioned areas. Not surprisingly, the Independent’s membership (especially believers) has since dipped drastically in these areas. It has also been revealed recently that the Provincial Independent Loyal Orange Lodge in Liverpool is now holding its Lodge meetings in a public house on the Lord’s day. This behaviour shows the compromise that exists internally within this underground fraternity and reflects the dubious spiritual credentials of the Independents.

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Community & Social Affairs


The Independents have moved a long way from the strict Protestant fundamentalist position of bygone years. Like the Senior Orange, it is becoming more and more interested in social issues than spirtual. On its website under “Community & Social Affairs” we see the direction the Independents are going (gelling the religious and the social): “Often the Orange Hall acts as a community centre in the locality and within it can be found a wide range of activity from religious services to dance classes.” There was a day when such worldly dances would have caused a mass-exodus of Free Presbyterians from the Order. Today it doesn’t even cause a ripple. This is no place for a born again Christian.

Dr. Ian Paisley


A lot of people in Ulster are under the mistaken notion that Dr. Ian Paisley was a member of the Independent Orange Order. Some even think he formed the Order. However, both ideas are far from the truth. Dr. Paisley was never a member of the Institution. In fact, the Independent Loyal Orange Institution was formed after a political split within the Orange Institution on 11th June 1903. Dr. Paisley simply preached at their annual twelfth of July platform services.

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Independent Loyal Orange Institution Royal Arch Purple degree

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