Irish Freemasonry PR Attempt

Here follows the text of the Irish Freemasonry’s Grand Master’s address on the progress of Irish Freemasonry in 2003. We quote a major excerpt from the Grand Master’s Report 2003 made on 6th December 2003. We believe it will show how Irish Freemasonry was Exposed by RTE.

“RTE TV today filmed the opening of Grand Lodge for a 30 minute documentary on Irish Freemasonry which they are currently producing for the series Would you believe which will be broadcast early in the New Year, this will be our biggest PR project to-date. In future we do not expect to achieve the same degree of media exposure, but we will continue to focus in a structured way on selected special events. I acknowledge the professional PR support which we have received from Bro. Vere Wynne-Jones in Dublin and W. Bro. Trevor Hanna in Belfast who made this possible.

We must continue to make the public aware of what we are and what we stand for and to reassure the public that they have no reason to fear Freemasonry. In fact, the opposite applies, Freemasonry is a major force for good in society. It would help greatly if more of our Brethren felt comfortable talking about Freemasonry in their everyday lives, hopefully they will as the public perception of our Order improves.

Communication within the Order has always been a problem but has improved considerably with the development of the Grand Lodge News, the latest issue has eight pages printed in colour and circulation has been increased. In future, we hope to include quality articles which will give Brethren a better personal understanding of Freemasonry. Our website www.irish-freemasons.org continues to attract a lot of interest from our Brethren and members of the public. We are grateful to the dedicated Brethren who work hard on these projects. News reaching me suggests that our Brethren are optimistic and look to the future with greater confidence, this is most encouraging. Membership appears to be stabilising and reports from many areas indicate numbers are increasing but we have no reason for complacency in this regard. I suggest for 2004, every Lodge should focus on the retrieval of lapsed or demitted Brethren, they are still Freemasons and retrieval is much easier than recruitment. Almoners have a duty to maintain contact with lapsed Brethren to encourage them to return to the Lodge. This problem requires urgent attention.”

This effort, which was Irish Masonry’s “biggest PR project to-date,” and which was designed by the Irish Freemasonry to repackage itself on RTE TV, ended up being a massive own goal. Their plans went up in a puff of smoke. RTE ended up exposing Freemasonry for what it is – a dangerous self-serving underground secret fraternity. The channel ended up exposing the folly and error of the Lodge. Clearly, RTE did the people of Ireland a great service with this informative programme.

The founder of this site (W.P. Malcomson) was honored to participate in this programme and help expose the spurious nature of this secret body.

For more information read Freemasonry: The Invisible Cult by Jack Harris

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