New Book Exposes Black

Sunday World

Sunday 13th September 2009

An explosive new book is set to lift the lid on the bizarre rituals and secrets of the Royal Black Institution. More than 200 years of secrecy will be exposed, revealing a world of secret oath’s, blood rituals and obsessive secrecy when ‘Inside the Royal Black institution’ is published next week. Written by former member Paul Malcomson, it is the first time the workings of the secret society will have been exposed.

Blood rituals, and oath’s sworn on pain of death paint a picture far removed from the image of boller-hatted men parading through the towns of Ulster. “This is a first time this mysterious world will have been opened up,” he said. “And I expect there to be a serious consequences.” “Men will leave the organization. And without overstating things, this could be a killer blow to the Black.”

He said, “dwindling membership has left the organization “on the ropes” with fewer than 15,000 people on their books.


“It is an extremely ritualistic organization, much more so than the Orange Order, which is totally benign in comparison. It is a mirror of the Masonic order; it is masonry with a Protestant overcoat.”

Malcomson joined the Black as a 19-year-old, but found himself drawn into a strange and threatening world. “The reason there has been 200 years of secrecy is an indication of the strength of these oaths, members are told they will have their throats cut and their bodies cut in two should they betray the Institution.” “By the time men discover what they have let themselves in for, it is too late for them to turn back.”

The Royal Black institution is regarded as the more senior of the Loyal Orders, with members graduating through the Orange Order, then the Royal Arch purple, before ending up in the Black.

“It is the latest, the cream of the Orangemen, but the organization is based on falsehood, they call themselves the Royal Black, but they have never been given the Royal prerogative. There are 400 organizations in the UK that have been given the royal seal of approval, and the black is not on the list.”

Malcomson, 43, who now lives in America, has already penned controversial exposes of the Orange Order and the Royal Arch Purple, but expects his later spoke to be the most controversial yet: “People will not like their lifestyle been exposed.

Inside the Royal Black institution is published next week by Evangelical Truth.

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