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The Orange Degree Exposed

Introductory Orange degree Catechism

The Orange degree is the 1st degree in the Orange Order and the initial step on the overall Loyal Order ladder. This Orange degree is the the kindergarten for the Royal Arch Purple Order and the Royal Black Institution. It draws men in gently to the whole Loyal Orders ritualistic setup. It is therefore important that we examine the Orange degree and expose it for what it is – a stepping stone into the dark world of esoteric mysticism and cryptic occultism.

Amazingly, every Orangeman (saved or unsaved) is informed upon initiation that he is one of the elect and is is then initiated into the ‘Levitical Order.’ Such a practice should be shocking for every genuine Bible believing Christian

Q. What art thou?

A. One of the elect.

Q. Of what house?

A. The house of Israel.

Q. Of what tribe?

A. The tribe of Levi.

Q. How am I to know that?

A. By a true sign and token.

Q. What true sign and token?

A. A rod.

Q. What rod?

A. Aarons rod.

Q. Why do you take Aarons rod to be your true sign and token?

A. Because it budded buds, bloomed blossoms and yielded sweet fruit in the space of one night.

Q. What afterwards became of it?

A. It was laid before the ark of the testimony as a warning against all further rebels.

Q. Have you a password?

A. I have.

Q. Will you give it to me ?

A. I did not so receive it neither will I so impart it but believing you to be a true and worthy brother I will letter or divide it with you.

Q. Divide it and begin.

A. No ! begin you.


Q. Why do you take OPHRA for your password?

A. Because it was there Gideon received his command.

Q. Have you a number?

A. I have.

Q. What is your number?


Q. What 3?

A. The 300.

Q. What 300?

A. The 300 chosen Israelites that lapped but did not kneel.

Q. Have you a sign?

A. I have.

Q. Will you give it to me?

A. I will if you will give it to me.

The sword of the Lord and of Gideon

Q. Have you the great and mighty password pertaining to this Degree?

A. I have.

Q. Will you give it to me?

A. I did not so receive it neither will I so impart it but finding you to be a true and worthy brother I will word a divide and divide it with you.

Q. Divide it and begin.

A. No begin you.

Q. Blessed be the Lord God – the God of Israel – who only doeth – Wondrous things.

Q. Have you a motto?

A. No sir.

Q. Render – therefore – unto Caesar – the things which are Caesars – and unto God – the things that are Gods.

Qualifications of an Orangeman

Orange Order obligation (oath) exposed

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Orange degree address

Brother you have been initiated into the Orange Institution and we now proceed to give you a little of the history of our noble order and its workings. Orange associations were formed in England in 1688 to advance the interests of William the 3rd Prince of Orange.

In whose name we associate, whose memory we cherish and who on the 1st July 1690 on the banks of the Boyne defeated the combined forces of Popery and tyranny in this country.

After the battle of the Diamond in 1795, the order was re-organised and formed into Lodges, for the Defence of Protestantism, and for the mutual defence, support and protection of Irish Protestants.

Since then it has had an abiding place in our midst.

This lodge meets on the 1st ———— of the month at the hour of 8pm unless otherwise ordered. At the appointed time the Worshipful Master will call the assembled brethren to attention. After some preliminaries the brethren will form a hand clasped circle symbolical of the fraternal ties which bind Orangemen the world over.

The brethren will thus stand to order while the opening prayer and portion of scripture is being read. After which the Worshipful Master will declare the lodge open and proceed to business. Should you wish to address the lodge, you will rise to your feet place your right hand over your heart, bow to the occupant of the chair and say Worshipful Master Deputy Master and Brethren. By placing your hand over your heart you recall the solemn promises you have made. And by bowing to the Worshipful Master you acknowledged his authority which is held from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

This courtesy must be observed before and after speaking. Should you fail render it, it is the duty of Deputy Master to call you to order and direct you to salute the chair. Should the lodge be sitting when you arrive you will give your name to the outside Tyler who will pass it inside, and on permission being given to enter, having clothed yourself in the regalia you are entitled to wear, step in front of the Deputy Master’s chair, salute the Worshipful Master by the sign of fidelity bow to the Deputy Master and take your seat.

When visiting another lodge you will give your name and number of lodge, and on being admitted will adopt the same procedure. Should you wish to leave the lodge before it closes you will rise to your feet, salute the chair, and say, Worshipful Master I beg leave to retire. During the conduct of the business of the lodge you cannot dispute the ruling of the Worshipful Master but should you feel aggrieved you may bring the matter under the notice of the next superior lodge in conformity will law. Brother these are the main points of lodge courtesy, but it is only by constant attendance and by studying our laws, ordinance and customs also by closely observing the conduct of your senior in the order that you can acquire a knowledge of all that is required of an Orangeman.

Let me impress upon you the solemn promises you have made, promises which we take as being as binding upon you as an obligation. You have promised you will be true and faithful to every brother Orangeman in all just actions and never know him to be wronged without giving him due notice thereof.

We can all realise what it means to be true and faithful let these be not mere phrases or words. Help and support your brother Orangemen in preference to those outside the order, and if you know of any injury that is likely to happen to him of if the tongue of slander is busy concerning him it is your bounding duty to acquaint him at once of the circumstances. You have promised never to reveal any of the proceeding of your brother Orangeman in lodge assembled except under certain conditions, and never to attend any act or ceremony of popish worship. These are matters upon which we look seriously and if indulged in may cause your expulsion from our order. The annual password is taken from the bible and no member of the order is entitled to it unless he has paid all dues and is in active membership in the lodge. It originates with the Imperial Grand Orange Council of the world and is the same in every part of the world.

We cannot at present convey to you any further information but we would impress upon you that you are now a member of by far the best and largest society of Protestants that the world has ever seen. And you should at all times and in all circumstances be increasingly careful to uphold the honour and dignity of the order. You should never by word or deed do anything that may tend to bring discredit or disgrace on the colour you wear. We must all endeavour to disarm suspicious and antagonism. This can best be done by setting a good example in our daily lives, by living up to the high principles of the order.

So that every section of the community will be compelled to admit that there is something in the orange society that elevates a man and raises him above the average of humanity, something that makes him a better man, normally, socially, and intellectually. An Orangeman should be the warm and disinterested patron of all that is good, and benevolent of everything that concerns the present and eternal welfare of mankind, he should observe purity of thought integrity of life and above all charity toward all men both inside and outside the orange order. Even bear in mind these words taken from the holy scriptures honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, honour the King ( 1 Peter 2 v 17 ).

Plain (or Small) Purple degree
Royal Arch Purple degree

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The Royal Black Institution consists of eleven degrees, as follows:

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The Institution also possesses a final retrospective degree, which is essentially an overview of the 11 degrees that the candidate has traversed.

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