Orange Order Marcher

Plain Purple degree (2nd degree)

Introductory Catechism

Q. Good evening friend.

A. Good evening sir.

Q. I believe there is something between you and me.

A. That may be so, what is it?

Q. I perceive you to be of the Purple Order.

A. I am now taken and accepted as such by the brethren of the Lodge to which I belong.

Q. Have you the password of a Purpleman.

A. A-U-G-H-R-I-M.

Q. And the word is.

A. Augh-rim.

Q. Why do you take Augh-rim for your password?

A. Because it was there my forefathers fought and sustained civil and religious liberty.

Q. Have you a number?

Q. What is your number?

A. One and another on which makes my number 2.

Q. What 2?

A. The Orange and Purple the only two orders recognised by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

Q. Have you the great and grand password of a Purpleman?

A. I have.

Q. Will you give it to me?

A. I did not so receive it neither will I so import it but finding you to be a true and worthy brother I will word or divide it with you.

Q. Divide it and begin.

A. No begin you.

For the promise –

is unto you –

and to you children –

and to all that- are a far off –

even as many –

as the Lord our God –

shall call.

Qualifications of an Orangeman

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Small Purple Address

Now that you have been advanced to the Purple Order if you conform to the promises you have now made, then we will have cause to rejoice in your initiation. But on the other hand should you fail to observe them great will be out sorrow first on account of your fall.

Secondly an account of the great injury done to our glorious Institution. We would exhort you therefore ever to remember your obligation and should temptation for crime ever enter your mind reflect on the solemn promises you have now made. Let them be a check on each and every thought human weakness may suggest, thereby prove your integrity. We would warn you of the snares that may be led for you by our enemies but as Gideon defeated the mighty hosts of Midian by faith in the power of God, you too can overcome your enemies by Divine aid, which we trust you will seek in all times of difficulty and danger. We trust these few words spoken on behalf of this lodge will bear due weight and influence and that we will never have any cause to regret your advancement amongst us.

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