Orange Order William

Qualifications of an Orangeman

“An Orangeman should have a sincere love and veneration for his Heavenly Father; a humble and steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, believing in Him as the only Mediator between God and man. He should cultivate truth and justice, brotherly kindness and charity, devotion and piety, concord and unity, and obedience to the laws; his deportment should be gentle and compassionate, kind and courteous; he should seek the society of the virtuous, and avoid that of the evil; he should honour and diligently study the Holy Scriptures, and make them the rule of his faith and practice; he should love, uphold, and defend the Protestant religion, and sincerely desire and endeavour to propagate its doctrines and precepts; he should strenuously oppose the fatal errors and doctrines of the Church of Rome, and scrupulously avoid countenancing (by his presence or otherwise) any act or ceremony of Popish Worship; he should, by all lawful means, resist the ascendancy of that Church, its encroachments, and the extension of its power, ever abstaining from all uncharitable words, actions, or sentiments towards his Roman Catholic brethren; he should remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, and attend the public worship of God, and diligently train up his offspring, and all under his control, in the fear of God, and in the Protestant faith; he should never take the name of God in vain, but abstain from all cursing and profane language, and use every opportunity of discouraging those, and all other sinful practices, in others; his conduct should be guided by wisdom and prudence, and marked by honesty, temperance, and sobriety; the glory of God and the welfare of man, the honour of his Sovereign, and the good of his country, should be the motives of his actions.”

Orange Order obligation (oath) exposed

Below we expose in full detail – the mystical internal rituals, secrets, workings and degrees of the Orange Order. Such is exposed to show the innate esoteric nature of Orangeism (the Orange Order).

First degree: The Orange Degree

Catechism and Address

Second degree: The Plain (or small) Purple Degree

Catechism and Address

This degree was abolished by the Orange Order in Scotland as its second degree in 1902 and was replaced with the Royal Arch Purple degree. Many other Orange juristictions have since followed suit.

Third degree: “Royal” Arch Purple Degree

This degree is an integral part of the Orange Order worldwide apart from Ireland where it belongs to a separate yet inextricably linked organisation called the Royal Arch Purple Chapter. However, 95% of Irish Orangemen today are initiated through this neo-Masonic degree. The Royal Arch Purple Ritual itself has largely replaced the Plain Purple as the second degree within Orangeism although it exists in England as the third degree (behind the Orange and Plain Purple degrees). It is worth noting that this ritualistic degree is owned by the much smaller Independent Orange Institution (like the Grand Lodge of England) as its third degree.

The Royal Arch Purple degree
A Biblical Analysis of the Royal Arch Purple degree

Royal Black degrees

Royal Black degrees exposed – in full

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