Questions for Christian Orangemen


Here are some important questions that all Christian Orangemen would do well too honestly answer.

1. Why do you need to be a member of a SECRET religious organization? Is your church not a satisfactory channel for fellowship, and through which you can use your energies to reach the lost?

2. Is your church not protesting against the errors of Rome and the host of other errors to make it a sufficient voice for you? Maybe a change of church is required – a place where Protestantism is faithfully upheld.

3. Would a monthly Church prayer meeting surrounded by believers not be more suitable for fellowship than a monthly lodge meeting surrounded by ungodly men?

4. If a march is something that one dearly cherishes, would a Christian march with Gospel texts, terminating in an evangelistic service, not be more effective and beneficial in turning our unsaved Protestant and Catholic neighbours to Christ?

5. Would you agree, the saved lodge member is devoting time, effort and money into things which are at best secondary and at worse futile and unbiblical? Matters which divert him from the great commission, which commands us to preach the Gospel, first to our family and friends (Jerusalem), then to our own community (Judea), then to our enemies (Samaria) and finally unto the uttermost parts of the earth? Does membership of these secret bodies not severely hamper our efforts to reach those who are perceived by many to be our enemy community.

6. Many ex-lodge members have admitted their strong anti-Roman Catholic feelings to the point they could not love their neighbour and rarely witness to them. After resignation their attitudes radically changed. Do you need such a change of heart?

7. Many lodge members find it hard to miss a lodge meeting yet they readily and frequently find it easy to miss the church prayer meeting. Does it not show which God is on the throne?

8. Since we all now know of the horrible mockery committed in the Independent Loyal Orange Institution, the Royal Arch Purple Chapter and Royal Black Institution initiation ceremonies, should a true child of God not want to forsake them, and loudly protest against them?

9. Does it not make you uncomfortable that you are identifying with rituals, teaching and symbolism which other anti-evangelical organizations also employ, like the Masons, Mormons, Knights of Malta, and even the Ancient Order of Hibernians?

10. How can you justify being unequally yoked with unbelievers in a RELIGIOUS brotherhood that also requires you to call a fellow member “brother” irrespective of whether that man is a child of God or a child of the devil?

11. How can you condemn Catholicism for addressing their priests as “Father,” and not condemn the Orders use of the religious titles of “Worshipful Master,” “Grand Master” and “Most Worshipful Sovereign Grand Master?” Jesus said in Matthew 23:9-10 “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.” Surely the context of the use of both titles is in a religious sense, something the Lord was forbidding to be done?

12. How can you biblically justify subjecting yourself to the religious authority of countless Chaplains, Lecturers and “Worshipful Masters” (at Lodge, District, County and Grand Lodge level) most of whom are unregenerate men? Is this not apostasy?

13. Can you point to specific guidance from the Lord, proving that it is the Lord’s will that you should be an active member of any secret society?

Yours, for the defence of the faith,

Paul A. Johnston (Independent Methodist Pastor)

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