(Issue 28)

Dear Editor,

As a regular reader of Ulster Christian I read with interest your review of the book “Behind Closed Doors.”

I have never been a member of the Royal Arch Purple Chapter but I can speak as a lecturer within the Independent Loyal Orange Institution and for the degree practised there. However, it may interest you to learn that, far from being secretive, the Royal Arch Purple Chapter itself published a book outlining its origins and practices. This book is selectively quoted by Mr Malcomson in his work.

I am surprised and disappointed at the lack of knowledge of the subject betrayed by your reviewer and his blind acceptance of information presented in “Behind Closed Doors” The opinions expressed by your reviewer are not confined to the book but do obviously declare support for the arguments presented. Clearly the review is an essay of support for the poorly researched, historically inaccurate, factually inaccurate and linguistically inaccurate book written by Mr Malcomson.

On the book itself I have no hesitation in rejecting: the central thrust of the argument of the book the interpretation of the symbols as outlined in the book the theory of the origins proposed by Mr Malcomson the interpretation of the activities of the degree as outlined in the book the description of the atmosphere and attitude surrounding the degree the misinterpretation of the plain English language indulged in by the author the placing on the symbols and activities meanings totally at variance with the clearly stated position the deeply hurtful accusations concerning alternative methods of salvation On all the above items and others Mr Malcomson’s book is inaccurate. The book itself and your review is a source of grievous hurt to believers, in the loyal orders, who have not and will not buy into the worst excesses of American religious extremism so clearly plagiarised by Mr Malcomson.

Yours sincerely,

George Dawson, Ballymena, Co. Antrim (Imperial Grand Master of the Independent Orange Institution).

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