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16th Sept 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Macabre rituals detailed in book

THE Chronicle can exclusively reveal breathtaking details of a book on the Royal Black Institution which will be launched tomorrow (Wednesday) and which makes extraordinary claims about the organisation’s rituals.

Author Paul Malcomson, formerly from Seapatrick, is himself a former member of the Royal Black Institution. He claims, among others, that new members are made to drink from a human skull!

Paul commented: “I am a former member of the Orange Order, the Royal Arch Purple Order and the Royal Black Institution. I reached the highest degree in the Royal Black – the Red Cross degree.“The further I got into these orders I realised there were a lot of weird and bizarre things that I was uncomfortable with.

“There were blood oaths threatening the welfare of the members should they ever divulge the secrets of the order.

“There were degrading rituals where you were semi-stripped and a blindfold was placed before you were initiated.

“There were rites that included the humiliation of the candidate to make him more pliable to submit to the organisation.

“I have many friends that have come out. I also know many within. I know that many are not happy with me exposing this, but my motive is to remove the ignorance that has existed for over two centuries and also to see men come out that mistakenly think these orders to be Christian, Protestant and biblical. It is none of these things.

“My motive is to enlighten people to the reality so that if they want to join they will go in with their eyes open.

“As a committed Christian it is also to show people that the teaching, practices and procedures of these orders go contrary to the teaching of Christianity.

“The Gospel is not just for a chosen few. It is open, not secretive, and it is not hidden behind death threats and blood oaths.

“If anyone engages in something that is wrong, I don’t believe they are duty bound to continue in that wrong.”

Paul went on to describe what, according to him, is known as the ‘Black Communion’ within the Royal Black Institution.

He claimed: “The Black candidate is asked to take a toast to the memory of Brother Joseph, being informed that this is his first Black toast.

“An artefact is then placed into the hand of the blindfolded novice called a ‘mystic cup’.

“He is informed, ‘This mystic cup is not fashioned by human hand’.

“He is told, ‘You have never drunk from it before’.

“He is then asked, ‘Can you tell what this is?’ The candidate normally replies, ‘I do not know!”

“One of the lecturers then states, ‘It is the top of a human skull; it is properly cleansed and purified so that it can be used as a drinking vessel’.

Read a detailed exposure:

The Black newcomer is then assured: ‘Every Sir Knight who receives this degree takes a toast to the memory of Brother Joseph’.

“The remaining brethren arise. The candidate then sups from the human skullcap.

“This awful ritualistic ordinance is so impacting that the memory of it often stays with the Blackman until the day he dies.

“It is harrowing enough to observe a skull and bones in the midst of a Christian’ meeting, but to be required to handle and then drink from a human skull cap is decidedly sickening.

“To think that these were the last remains of some person who walked this scene of time and are now being used unashamedly as a drinking container by an institution professing the name of Christ, is particularly disgusting.

“The Black causes many unsuspecting Protestants to partake in this communion despite their obvious unease.

“The Royal Black Institution has then protected this profanity by way of a binding oath and direct warnings in relation to the members’ wellbeing – candidates are told that they should deserve the same fate as Judas Iscariot, should they reveal anything they experience within the order.

“This has succeeded in securing the allegiance of its members over the years and protecting these ceremonies from outside scrutiny.”

Paul resigned from the Loyal Orders a number of years ago on biblical grounds.

He has been extensively researching the rites, secrets and mysteries of secret societies in Ireland for around 17 years.

Paul’s book, entitled ‘Inside the Royal Black Institution’, will be launched tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Europa Hotel to coincide with the 212th anniversary of the institution.

Paul is also the author of the popular book Behind Closed Doors, released about 10 years ago. ‘Inside the Royal Black Institution’, retailing at £12.99, is available from all good bookshops, including Christian bookshops.

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