Royal White Degree


Why do you wear that colour?

What colour?

Royal White?

Because I am innocent.

Why are you innocent?

Because I am but a youth – a mere stripling.

Where are you from?

The wilderness.

What have you been doing there?

Herding and taking care of my father’s few sheep that were going astray for the want of a shepherd.

Where are you going?

To the valley.

What valley?

The valley of Elah

What to do there?

Slay that man that defieth my brethren.

What man defieth your brethren?

Goliath of Gath whose height is 6 cubits and a span.

How do you intend to get to the valley?

By the benefit of a password

Have you that password?

I have.

Will you give it to me?

I will, if you begin.

Go, and the Lord be with you!

Did you slay him?

I did.

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By what power?

The power of Almighty God.

What with?

A sling and small stone.

Was there any honour conferred upon you for so doing?

There was.

What was it?

A white robe on account of my innocence, richer than the Golden Fleece more ancient than the Roman Eagle more honourable than the Star and Garter or any other order that could have been conferred upon me.

Have you a number?

I have.

What is your number?


What five?

The five small stones that where taken from the brook and placed in the shepherds bag or scrip.

Have you the great and grand password of the Knights of Royal White?

I have.

Will you give it to me?

I did not so obtain it neither will I give it but finding you to be a brother I will word it or divide it with you.

Divide it and begin.

No begin you.

The armies of the living God and of Israel!

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The emblems worn for this degree are the sling and five stones, symbolic of the carnal ammunition that was used by the shepherds boy when he went to fight the great Goliath. The lesson we learn from this degree is one of humility. He that humbleth himself shall be exalteth but he that exalteth himself shall be abased. In the humility of a child-like trust David discarded the armour of Saul because he had not proven it, but enshrouded in the spiritual armour of dependency upon that great deliverer of Israel. He went forth to meet the worlds great champion who’s pride of bulk had vaunted itself in the valley of E-lah, with the armies of Israel and the unseen armies of God beholding from an earthly standpoint that unequal contest David rested from the brow of Goliath the laurels of victory proving how frail is the arm of flesh compared with the power of God. The shepherd’s boy was heralded the conqueror and arrayed in a spotless robe of white from which we derive this lesson that we meeting the Goliath’s of wickedness in our daily paths of life may too over come by that same power as David and finally join that innumerable company who’s robes also are white because they have been washed in the blood of the lamb.

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