The Holy Order of High Priesthood Degree


The Anointed Order of High Priesthood is a “side” or “chair” degree that is conferred upon past and present “High Priests” of the Red Lodge. The degree tells the story of Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and his encounter with Melchizedek, who the Order calls “High Priest of Salem.” Of course this is a completely bogus priesthood as Christ alone holds that high office today. But Masonry likes to mock biblical offices and undermine Christ at every opportunity. It also loves to employ scriptural language to reinforce it spurious ceremonies.

The candidate participates in a communnion of bread and wine. This Masonic ordinance is a parady of the Christian communnion table.

The candidate for the Holy Order of High Priesthood degree then promises under obligation to preside justly over his chapter and to regard all Companion High Priests as true friends and brothers. The candidate is then solemnly anointed with oil, consecrated and set apart to the Holy Order of High Priesthood – the Order of Melchizedek.

An older Order with an older degree from which this degree probably evolved is a ‘Melchizedek order’ known as The Holy Order of the Grand High Priest. In its introductory comments to the degree, the Grand Council of the Order (1879) explains, “Two versions of the Order seem to have reached Ireland through different channels. One version was brought in about 1770 almost certainly directly from France: it was shewn to a body of Knights Templar, who decided to keep it as a Christian Degree. It was therefore worked in Encampments of Knights Templar and in Lodges which had Royal Arch and Knight Templar sections: or, if a single Lodge had not enough qualified Brethren, two or more Lodges formed a ‘Union Band’ to work it. By 1780 the Order was fairly widespread in Ireland: many certificates, mostly dated in the 1790s, survive with the heading ‘Sacred Band of Royal Arch Templar Priests after the Order of Melchizedek’.”

The candidate’s reception into this order is as follows. The sentinel knocks on door, whereupon:

The Herald declares: “There is an alarm at the inner avenue.”
The President responds: “Attend to the alarm and see who seeks admission.”
The Herald then asks: “Who comes here?”
The Conductor answers: “A Companion of the Holy Royal Arch who desires further light in Masonry by being Anointed, Consecrated and Set Apart to the Office of High Priest.”
The Herald asks: “How does he hope to gain admission?”
The Conductor replies: “By having been found worthy by the voice of his Brethren and the approval of his Companions.”

For more information read Freemasonry: The Invisible Cult by Jack Harris

The Mason here is told that he is entering into the high priestly order. He is qualified to belong to this order on the grounds that he has gained “the approval of his Companions” because he has “been found worthy by the voice of his Brethren.” Here the commission and recognition to hold this priesthood comes from man, whereas the scriptural order of Melchizedek in Scripture, carries the approval and vindication of God.

In both the Old Testament and the New believers anointed with oil as a picture of the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the individual. This ceremony mimics that. It also mimics the anointing Christ exclusively received as a high priest of the Order of Melchizedek.

Not only is the Mason here told that he is a high priest, he is also assured that he is a priest in the order of Melchizedek. No other man or institution today can hold the order of Melchizedek. This is a high priestly order that is exclusively held by the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone possesses this illustrious office and none other is able to hold it. Instead of having One person of this heavenly order we have countless self-appointed pretenders in the Lodge.

Hebrews 7:21-24 says, speaking of Christ, “Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec. By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament. And they truly were many priests, because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death: But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood.”

This reading confirms that Christ holds this holy office “for ever.” Hebrews 5:6, 6:20, 7:3, 17 and 21 repeats this great truth. The word interpreted “unchangeable” here is very significant in the light of the teaching of the Black. It comes from the Greek word aparabatos, which simply means non-transferable. It is a legal word. For example, it relates to a judge laying down a decision that is unalterable and non-transferable. It also describes something which belongs to one person and cannot be transferred to anyone else. This means that no one else can hold the Melchizedek priesthood. Christ continues alone in this role, having an unchangeable non-transferable priestly office. Unlike the old covenant priesthood, Christ has no successors in this office. The reason being He never dies. Therefore, He never needs replaced.

The actions of the Masons denigrate this illustrious title and usurp the position and priestly ministry of Christ. They promote its members to a position of equality with Christ. Regardless of what Freemasonry and other secret societies and cults pretend, no Mason can succeed or join Christ in this high priestly order because He will never vacate or co-own this office. Indeed, there are no other high priestly orders recognized by heaven. This phoney Mosonic conferral enjoys absolutely no scriptural warrant.

Hebrews 5:9-10 confirms, “And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him; Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec.”

This high priestly order is not ordinary. It was not like the old temporal priesthood that existed before the cross. For anyone to be qualified to be of this exalted order they had to be “perfect” and become “the author of eternal salvation.” We know there is no human being that can fit such exalted requirements and therefore assume such an elevated office. For Blackmen to take (or think they can take) this position means they are wilfully usurping the authority of Christ. They are placing themselves in the place of Christ who alone is “the author of eternal salvation.” Christ is man’s sole hope and means of salvation. No other can obtain this cherished order. As we explore the hallowed pages of Scripture and learn what it teaches of this great order we see the gravity of the profanity involved in this degree. True Christians know: Christ fulfils His priestly ministry uniquely, exclusively, perfectly and eternally “after the order of Melchisedec.” He holds this office faithfully. He is therefore our one and only perfect and eternal great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14, 5:6, 9). The mason has therefore absolutely no grounds for claiming to be of the high priestly order.

The Masonic anointing is biblically fraudulant.

Freemasonry mimics the two fundamental sacraments of the Christian Church – baptism and communion – in other degrees.

(1) They perform a Christless esoteric baptism in the ‘Prince of Mercy’ degree when they pour water over the candidate and foolishly assure him, he has been purified.

(2) They perform a blasphemous Black Mass in the Knights Templar degree when they drink communion from a human skull-cap in a Christ mocking occult ceremony.

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