Weirdo Order exposed by member

Sunday World

31st Oct 1999

A former Orange man has exposed the pagan rituals of an elite branch of the orders about the Royal Arch Purple in his explosive book Behind Closed Doors. It reveals the rituals endured by members, which Malcomson says are closer to witchcraft than Christianity. And he says the secret oath’s and pagan initiation rituals will turn Protestants away from the Orders.

The 38-year-old says he began to query his membership of the Royal Arch Purple and the Orange Order after his father – an Elim Pentecostal minister – died 8 years ago. “At the same time I became a born-again Christian and started to question my views.”

“The more I read, the more I became concerned at the rituals and practices inside the Order. The whole secrecy aspect of Orangeism started to concern me deeply because Christ worked openly and preached an open Gospel.”

“The Orange Order says it is a defender of the Protestant faith. But these secret oaths and strange rituals are more to do with paganism.”

The book focuses mainly on the Royal Arch Purple, a Loyal Order with thousands of members, which Orangemen progress through, usually before joining the Royal Black institution.

It’s bizarre initiation rites, similar to those in Freemasonry, include:

  • Blindfolding new recruits are made to kneel on a mock coffin and swear to kill themselves rather than reveal the secrets of the order.
  • Have most of their clothes removed and a purple ribbon attached to their shirt before initiation.
  • Beating novices on the legs and feet with brambles and branches, while members laugh.
  • Riding the goat where the blindfolded recruits are wrapped in canvas and then beaten and thrown about by other members to intimidate them.

Malcomson says, “Most Orangemen go through the Royal Arch purple, but they are two separate organisations.”

The ex-Orange man says, despite the backlash against him. He has no regrets about writing the book. “It goes against the rules to divulge the rituals, but I felt it was something I had to do. Born-again Christians within the Orange order will be horrified to learn that it tolerates the kind of behaviour which goes on within the Royal Arch purple.” Malcolm sin is also unrepentant that his revelations could do more harm to the orders than any anti-marching residents groups. “I know that I can cause more damage than the likes of Brendan McKenna could ever do. But they have been my calling for this last seven years and it’s going to continue.”

This book proves once and for all, from a biblical perspective, that the Royal Arch Purple is not Christian. I hope people will now read the book and decide to come out of the Royal Arch Purple Order.”

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